Our Story

Mr. Alan Lee, inventor of B-Free Chair and founder of B-Free Technology Limited, has been engaging in product design for more than 20 years. He has never studied electrical engineering but has created B-Free Chair, our concept version, and B-Free Ranger, our market version, with his dedication to help others. He learned the story of a disabled youngster who caged himself in his own house for 8 years. What kept him away from the wonderful world outside were the 5 stairs at the lobby of his building. His passion was ignited instantly and decided to do something that can help the disabled to regain mobility, to overcome obstacles and to live in a world with no barriers.


Our Mission

B-Free Technology Ltd. is focused on improving people with disabilities and elderlies' lives by using its patented technology to design and manufacture high-quality mobility products. With our patents, we aim to invent and manufacture multifunctional stair climbing power wheelchairs for people with disabilities and elderlies all over the world to get around easily without waiting for assistant. We promise to provide excellent customer services.

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Alan Lee

Key Product : The B-Free Ranger

B-Free Ranger is the refined commercial version from the concept version B-Free Chair.

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8 Features
Simple Design
  • 2 electric gear motors
  • 4 Actuators
Slim and Compact
  • Front pedrails can be folded by the sides of the chair
  • 360 degree rotation and easy steering in confined space.
Easy Operation
  • User friendly graphic user interface.
Seat can be elevated
  • Convenience to alight and transfer
  • Improve high vision for standing view
  • Easy reach for higher objects
Over Obstacles
  • Our patented design combines a blend of 4-wheel vehicles and tanks principle to enable easy negotiation of rugged terrains in rural areas
Stairs Climbing
  • Patented pedrail system enables to mold and grip stairs of irregular size, height, inclination and materials firmly
  • Maximum inclination of stairs: 35 degree
  • Work on wide range of surface material.
Additional Wheel to the side
  • A pair of additional rear wheels can be added to the rear pedrail
Balancing System
  • ON
    - Climb a slope / stairs of 35 degree Max. backward
    - Climb a slope of 24 degree Max. forward
    - A higher standing view and reach for a higher object
  • OFF
    - Drive close to a table for dinning or work

Operation Modes

Safety Measure

Upcoming Features

Intellectual Property

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